Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg Hunting

For spring break we went back to Phx for a quick trip to visit family. During that time we did Easter egg hunts with both sides of the family. This was one of the things I actually took pictures of while I was there :).

Here are some of the egg hiders:

Ira by his camouflage egg... can you see it?

Jonathan putting them up high for the bigger kids.

Uncle Aaron - going above and beyond!

Let the hunting begin!

Some places the adults needed to offer some extra help :)

Daddy and Talmage

Then the kids tried team work - the human pyramid

Talmage, Grant, and Ella

When that didn't work we decided to try climbing 1 kid... and the egg was reached!

Sandra finding eggs. Her hair was really excited about it :).

By the end of the hunting the adults started just throwing the eggs back out to re find. Jeff then started a collection and had the kids waiting to catch the eggs.... Whatever makes them happy :)

Mhari wanted to help throw the eggs too. Actually she may have been taking them for her, I don't remember.

The reward for all the egg hunters - donuts. Oh, what a funny girl!

Egg Hunt #2
It was a race! Seriously, hard to get pictures of this one. We met at the park and it was a wide area to run and collect. They ran fast and collected all they could.




Mhari enjoying opening her eggs!

It was a fun time! The kids love to play with cousins and it's so fun to see them growing up! I think we are all egg hunted out! I think the eggs were their favorite thing to play with in the car on the long drive home!
Happy Early Easter Egg Hunting :)


Alli said...

Looks like fun!

Katy B. said...

I love Easter egg hunting!:) So fun!

Cindy Killebrew said...

Oh, that looks like a lot of fun! Glad you guys were able to go home for Spring Break.

Tink said...

It *is* hard to take pictures of kids running, isn't it? That looks like a blast!

Donelle said...

Glad you got to make the Arizona trip...sad you didn't get to see the Quinn's. Next time for sure:)