Saturday, January 19, 2013


I love our kids, but they love each other too!  
Talmage and Grant have really been enjoying playing with the babies recently.  

I'm actually surprised how well Talmage can carry Clark.  He is a heavy kid!

So cute!

Grant and Lorna

Chica giving Clark a horsey ride

Love her


Lorna loves all of the attention!

And so does Clark!

Climbing over Talmage to get to the couch

Girls fighting over Clark... who wants to go to Talmage.  Love this picture ;)

Mhari giving Sandra a horsey ride.  Didn't go too far :)

Watching them all play together really makes me smile!  I know that they fight and don't always get along, but man I sure love it when they do get along!  I love my kids!

Scaling the stairs

I really believe that our little Lorna Bug is growing up way too fast!  I don't think the others did these things this fast (even though they did, but Clark didn't so it's been a few years) so it really helps me feel like my baby is not so much a baby anymore.  She finally decided it was time to scale the stairs.  She stands at them all of the time.  When the kids are all upstairs and she is down she will usually end up at the stairs.  It is cute that she loves her siblings ;).

Here she is a few steps up.

She thinks she's so funny

What a cute little stink bug!

I'm glad to have lots of willing helpers to keep her away from the stairs.  I'm really not ready for her to be so mobile.  It is hard enough to be sure the floor is clean enough for her, let alone upstairs.  She hasn't really gotten too much further up the stairs so that is good.  
Oh we love our little bug!

Hometown Rodeo

We have a rodeo that comes to town sometimes and the kids just love it!  The best part are the bull rides... especially since all of the kids get to line up for their turns :)  It helps that Daddy is the bull :)

Clark hanging on 

Grant's turn


The bull rears up sometimes ;)

Punkin falling off

Getting love bites :)

Talmage on the worn out bull!
The kids would ride the bull everyday if our bull were up for it.  Having 5 riders makes his job a bit harder these days :).  


Here are some little things that I think are adorable!
Mhari really loves her bear from Christmas and she will carry it around with her like this...

Lorna is still so adorable

How can you not love that face!  She is so fun and sweet and she just loves me (hence my skirt in the photo).  

The other week she got stuck under our bar stool   It was like her own personal cage.  She didn't even care she was stuck. 

See what I mean?  Adorable ;)

Clark was helping get something off of Lorna's toe.  He really loves her and she loves him too.  It is so fun to have two "little" kids again.  
 These moments will pass all too quickly!  I'm grateful for the blessing of pictures and recording them for when I can't remember their small sweet faces and all of the adorable things they did every day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Grant is 9!

Grant turned 9 right before the end of the year.  We are now back to Talmage and Grant being just a year apart in age.  It is crazy to think that I had a 14 month old and a new born!  They have grown up great friends and it's crazy just how old they are getting!

Here is Grant opening his presents :)

 All the goodies
He got money from Grandma and Grandpa and he wanted to go spend it for a present.  He came home with a sword and a bow and arrow thing.  He really loves to be active and he is so imaginative!  That night we had chocolate cake and ice cream it was really good too :)

Here is Grant ready to blow out his candles... 

He blew them out so fast that I missed it :).  He did enjoy his dessert though!

We love you Grant!

Grand Prairie Lights!

 During Christmas time a park in Grand Prairie, by Joe Pool lake, put up tons and tons of Christmas lights for a neat drive through experience!  We heard about it this year so we went.  Here are just a sampling of the photos we took...

There were some great drive through tunnels 

 I love the poinsettias!


They had lots of different themes as we drove through.  This is a sample of the 12 days of Christmas section

3 hens a laying

7 swans a swimming

8 maids a milking

11 pipers piping

12 drummers drumming

There is a Santa's village to stop at and has free rides for the kids.  There are also treats to buy and lots of people wanting to sell things. 
Me and Lorna 

One of the rides was this turning dragon thing.  The kids really liked it.  The first time they went the line was short, but by the time we went back to do it again the line was really long.  It doubled by the time we got to the front too.  The whole place was getting so packed.  I'm glad we got there early and missed the crowds!

Jeff and Clark

Twas the night before Christmas story scenes

The end the drive with a tunnel of lights.  It was super cool!
 I like the motion shot ;)

The end of the tunnel

It was really fun and pretty cheap too.  It will probably be something that we do every year since we will live really close to it ;)