Friday, January 18, 2013

White Christmas - Texas Style

We enjoyed a white Christmas this year.  It didn't start until the afternoon.  It was fun to watch the pretty snow fall.  It wasn't very much, just enough for us Texans to call it snow ;).  I asked the kids if they wanted to go play in the snow, but everyone was busy playing wii, accept for Clark and Sandra.  It was super cold though so they didn't last too long.  When Sandra came in she asked for hot chocolate.  I told her she didn't stay out long enough to get hot chocolate - I'm mean.  She went back out for about a half hour and played to earn her hot chocolate.  It was cute that she actually really went out and got cold enough :).  


Sandra and Clark

The boys playing wii... I don't think they ever even made it out of their pj's that day ;)

Oh, Jeff did go for a drive in the snow.  We didn't have any snow hats handy, shocking I know, so he found his old Scotland hat - complete with orange hair.  It was too funny that I had to take a picture.  He said that it was actually really warm ;).  

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