Saturday, January 19, 2013


I love our kids, but they love each other too!  
Talmage and Grant have really been enjoying playing with the babies recently.  

I'm actually surprised how well Talmage can carry Clark.  He is a heavy kid!

So cute!

Grant and Lorna

Chica giving Clark a horsey ride

Love her


Lorna loves all of the attention!

And so does Clark!

Climbing over Talmage to get to the couch

Girls fighting over Clark... who wants to go to Talmage.  Love this picture ;)

Mhari giving Sandra a horsey ride.  Didn't go too far :)

Watching them all play together really makes me smile!  I know that they fight and don't always get along, but man I sure love it when they do get along!  I love my kids!

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