Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scaling the stairs

I really believe that our little Lorna Bug is growing up way too fast!  I don't think the others did these things this fast (even though they did, but Clark didn't so it's been a few years) so it really helps me feel like my baby is not so much a baby anymore.  She finally decided it was time to scale the stairs.  She stands at them all of the time.  When the kids are all upstairs and she is down she will usually end up at the stairs.  It is cute that she loves her siblings ;).

Here she is a few steps up.

She thinks she's so funny

What a cute little stink bug!

I'm glad to have lots of willing helpers to keep her away from the stairs.  I'm really not ready for her to be so mobile.  It is hard enough to be sure the floor is clean enough for her, let alone upstairs.  She hasn't really gotten too much further up the stairs so that is good.  
Oh we love our little bug!

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