Friday, October 28, 2011

O Baby!

It is time to share the family news...

Williams Baby #6 is set to arrive by May 7th, 2012.  

So far things are looking good.  Here is a quote from my Dr. "There is 1 healthy heartbeat."  And that would be music to my ears.  I was not really ready for #6, but especially not ready to repeat my last pregnancy experience... that had started out as twins (and possibly triplets).  I'm feeling mostly well and starting to get more obviously pregnant.  I'm finishing up my 12th week... already done with the first trimester!

We shared the news with the kids Sunday night and they are all very happy.  They really enjoyed helping us talk about baby names.  I'm sure this will all go by very fast... it seems like May will be here before we know it!  My baby is getting so huge it will be fun to have a small one again, even if it's only for a little bit before it grows!

Class performances... 2nd Grade!

It's that time of year again... time to share the kid's school performances.  Grant's was this month, Talmage's is next month.  Grant did some of the same songs Talmage did last year, but they also did some different ones too... 

Here are some pictures of Grant doing the songs:

First, waiting to start.  He's on the top row third from the left.

The first song they did was about Autumn colors.  They each had a different colored streamer to wiggle at different parts of the song.

Grant's was purple... not his favorite color, but the song looked really cool :) 

 Here is kind of a wide view of most of the kids so you could get the effect of all of the streamers wiggling :).

This was the repeated song... I think it's called "Them bones."  I think Grant liked it because he got to use a musical instrument.  

I think this is from the itsy bitsy spider... more movements.

There was a part where he was supposed to dance and twist... let's just say he didn't do that.  When I asked him about it later he said he doesn't like dancing... accept for the chicken dance ~

 Which is what we ended with.  The audience even got to participate - yay :).  

It was a fun night and Grant did a great job.  He's still shy and doesn't like to speak in front of people or dance, but he's come such a long way from when he wouldn't even sing during his pre-k year.  Way to go Grant!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Clark is really becoming more independent every day.  He will go upstairs by himself and play or go find something else to do.  Mostly this is good and only occasionally do I find him getting into trouble.  It probably helps that there are so many kids in the house that he's rarely alone :).  Here are some fun pictures of what Clark has been up to ....

I found him in the girls room the other day.  First I found him on Punkin's bed reading books - couldn't get to the camera fast enough though :(.  Just a little while later he was playing with Mhari's animals.  Too fun.  He was having a great time hanging out in the girls room!

Happy boy!

Clark still loves books!  I mean, LOVES them!  It's fun, and usually he's really nice with them.  He get's possessive too... that's hard when it's a book he shouldn't have though.  Here he is enjoying "Green Eggs and Ham"

He also often looks at the books upside down... funny kid!

Oh, and while he lays down too!

Punkin was being cute and tried on Daddy's boots.  She does this often... well all of the kids do, but I couldn't help but take a picture.  She's growing up so fast!

The other day someone left a bag of chips in the living room.  When I heard Clark crinkling something and went to check on him this is what I found...

Just enjoying a nice little snack on the living room floor :)

He likes his picture taken if you hadn't noticed ;).

Clark is really growing up.  He's still a sweetie!  It's always fun when they learn new things and start being more independent!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

Talmage was well enough on the evening of his birthday to open his presents ;).  He was really very excited about it all!  I'm sure it helped that Grant knew what his presents were and kept telling him how awesome they were.  What a good brother!

Opening Mommy and Daddy's present - a little aquarium with little sea monsters.  He's very excited about it!

He also got a fingerprint kit, magic cards, skeleton dinosaurs, silly gross teeth, and money from grandparents.  

Afterwards he laid down and went to sleep on the couch... and then to his bed for the night.  

Last night we did the birthday dinner and cake!  Talmage had said on Monday that he knew what the best birthday present Daddy could give him was.  He said he wanted Daddy to cook his dinner - hamburgers and hot dogs.  I thought it was so cute and also a nice treat for me to not have to cook ;).  Jeff did a nice job on dinner!

Then it was time for the cake and 9 birthday candles.  I was also anxiously awaiting this cake - 4 layer pumpkin cake.  I was very happy when Talmage picked it because it's so yummy!

I hadn't thought about taking a before picture until Jeff started doing the candles...

Putting the candle back into place.

Make a wish!

We love you Talmage and had a great time celebrating your birthday with you!  You are a fabulous 9 year old!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

Happy Birthday to our awesome Talmage!  It has been 9 great years of having you as part of our family!  
Today I decided to buy a fun birthday balloon to surprise him with when I picked him up from school.  After getting all of the other kids Grant told me that Talmage was in the nurses office, he had thrown up :(.  

So instead of getting a cute balloon for a surprise Talmage got sick instead.... well, he got the balloon too!

He's feeling mostly better, but still kind of down.  
We may have to postpone some of our birthday fun for another night this week.  
That's not the kind of surprise anyone likes for their birthday :(.  Hopefully he'll be better soon!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

The other day for quiet time Mhari fell asleep... it was too cute!  She wore those potato head glasses all day too.  Oh, and it was a warm day, but she insisted on not taking off her jacket.  She is her own little person!  I just love her!

Another day Grant was home not feeling well.  I went check on him during quiet time, but I couldn't find him anywhere.  The last thing I had seen was him eating and then coloring.  Seriously, I checked the whole house, asked Mhari and still didn't know where he was.  I decided to go back to where he was last time I'd seen him...

I don't know how he fell asleep there, but it was really funny because just walking by you never even notice he's there!

Here's the under the table view :)

The chair he was using for his head.  Silly boy!

Last of my sleeping beauties...

The other night I checked on the girls before bed.  Everyone was sound asleep - priceless...

Oh, and sharing one bed.  
I think Mhari just waits for Sandra to fall asleep so she can share her bed.  Silly girl.  Someday they'll be too tall to share!

I love my kids.... especially when they sleep ;).

Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Dancers

Last fall the boys got to play soccer.  They had a great time.  Well, we figured it was time for the girls to get to do something.  Welcome to Dance class!  Sandra and Mhari are taking dance (ballet and tap) from the local rec center.  Last week was their first class and they loved it!  The parents were allowed in for the first class so that was fun too ;).  I got some fun pictures of Mhari...

My little dancer



So cute - the whole class stretching with their teacher, Miss Tracy.

Um, ya, Mhari's legs are supposed to stay down, but she kept lifting them up when they rolled back to this position.  Too funny.  Seriously, this was great entertainment for me ;)

More stretching

Learning how to do First Position.  They are sprinkling "magic dust" onto their feet, their toes open and they can see their sticker that was hiding - creating a first position pose.

By the time it was Sandra's turn for class Clark didn't want to sit still anymore so I didn't get to go in and watch her.  Her teacher said she did good :).  
Later I had her model what she had learned for me ...

Doing a Plie.  Um, Mhari can't quite do this yet ;)

First position.

Dancing sideways around the living room.
The girls are enjoying dance and the boys have time to run around and play with their soccer ball while they wait.  It's going to be a busy time, but fun for the next 6 weeks!  I'm excited to see how much they learn and how much natural talent they have - especially Chica ;).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen Clean Up!

So this is another baby post, because he's so fun and cute.  Here he is on the couch with Mhari.  See, cuteness!

Clark loves to "help" with the dishes.  Really he loves to play and steal the silverware.  We have to really watch him since sometimes there are knives in the silverware basket. 
He also thinks he's very cute when he does it ;).

Sunday after dinner he was running around (without his shirt because I didn't want dinner all over his white shirt, even though he had a bib on too) with the spoons he had stolen.  

See, too funny!

He came back for more.


So happy

Um, yes, into the mouth.


He knows that every night the kids do the dishes, which means he gets to do the dishes too.  I'm glad he wants to help, but it will be great when he actually helps instead of making the jobs harder ;).  We love you Baby!