Friday, October 28, 2011

Class performances... 2nd Grade!

It's that time of year again... time to share the kid's school performances.  Grant's was this month, Talmage's is next month.  Grant did some of the same songs Talmage did last year, but they also did some different ones too... 

Here are some pictures of Grant doing the songs:

First, waiting to start.  He's on the top row third from the left.

The first song they did was about Autumn colors.  They each had a different colored streamer to wiggle at different parts of the song.

Grant's was purple... not his favorite color, but the song looked really cool :) 

 Here is kind of a wide view of most of the kids so you could get the effect of all of the streamers wiggling :).

This was the repeated song... I think it's called "Them bones."  I think Grant liked it because he got to use a musical instrument.  

I think this is from the itsy bitsy spider... more movements.

There was a part where he was supposed to dance and twist... let's just say he didn't do that.  When I asked him about it later he said he doesn't like dancing... accept for the chicken dance ~

 Which is what we ended with.  The audience even got to participate - yay :).  

It was a fun night and Grant did a great job.  He's still shy and doesn't like to speak in front of people or dance, but he's come such a long way from when he wouldn't even sing during his pre-k year.  Way to go Grant!

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