Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

Talmage was well enough on the evening of his birthday to open his presents ;).  He was really very excited about it all!  I'm sure it helped that Grant knew what his presents were and kept telling him how awesome they were.  What a good brother!

Opening Mommy and Daddy's present - a little aquarium with little sea monsters.  He's very excited about it!

He also got a fingerprint kit, magic cards, skeleton dinosaurs, silly gross teeth, and money from grandparents.  

Afterwards he laid down and went to sleep on the couch... and then to his bed for the night.  

Last night we did the birthday dinner and cake!  Talmage had said on Monday that he knew what the best birthday present Daddy could give him was.  He said he wanted Daddy to cook his dinner - hamburgers and hot dogs.  I thought it was so cute and also a nice treat for me to not have to cook ;).  Jeff did a nice job on dinner!

Then it was time for the cake and 9 birthday candles.  I was also anxiously awaiting this cake - 4 layer pumpkin cake.  I was very happy when Talmage picked it because it's so yummy!

I hadn't thought about taking a before picture until Jeff started doing the candles...

Putting the candle back into place.

Make a wish!

We love you Talmage and had a great time celebrating your birthday with you!  You are a fabulous 9 year old!

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