Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

The other day for quiet time Mhari fell asleep... it was too cute!  She wore those potato head glasses all day too.  Oh, and it was a warm day, but she insisted on not taking off her jacket.  She is her own little person!  I just love her!

Another day Grant was home not feeling well.  I went check on him during quiet time, but I couldn't find him anywhere.  The last thing I had seen was him eating and then coloring.  Seriously, I checked the whole house, asked Mhari and still didn't know where he was.  I decided to go back to where he was last time I'd seen him...

I don't know how he fell asleep there, but it was really funny because just walking by you never even notice he's there!

Here's the under the table view :)

The chair he was using for his head.  Silly boy!

Last of my sleeping beauties...

The other night I checked on the girls before bed.  Everyone was sound asleep - priceless...

Oh, and sharing one bed.  
I think Mhari just waits for Sandra to fall asleep so she can share her bed.  Silly girl.  Someday they'll be too tall to share!

I love my kids.... especially when they sleep ;).


Tink said...

The pictures of Mhari wearing potato head glasses and Grant asleep under the table (HOW?!?!) are hysterical! Don't you wish sleep came that easily as an adult? (:

A Tale of Three said...

LOVE the picture of Mhari, I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. Too funny!

It's awesome that they can fall asleep anywhere:)