Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen Clean Up!

So this is another baby post, because he's so fun and cute.  Here he is on the couch with Mhari.  See, cuteness!

Clark loves to "help" with the dishes.  Really he loves to play and steal the silverware.  We have to really watch him since sometimes there are knives in the silverware basket. 
He also thinks he's very cute when he does it ;).

Sunday after dinner he was running around (without his shirt because I didn't want dinner all over his white shirt, even though he had a bib on too) with the spoons he had stolen.  

See, too funny!

He came back for more.


So happy

Um, yes, into the mouth.


He knows that every night the kids do the dishes, which means he gets to do the dishes too.  I'm glad he wants to help, but it will be great when he actually helps instead of making the jobs harder ;).  We love you Baby!

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Erin said...

Such cute pictures! I've had to move my silver tray to the counter because I couldn't load it as fast as my two babies could unload it!