Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kindergarten Rocks!

Sandra had kindergarten program last night.  She was very excited about it :).  We seem to never sit close enough to get good pictures so those are always a joke... sorry ;(.  I decided to try to take a short video of the first song.  It worked, until someone stood in my way and I had to move a bit.  Let's just say the video quality could be better.  

Sandra had fun waving to us and doing all of the actions.  I guess the song she didn't really care for was the one we actually got on video "Kids Rock", but she seems happy to me :).  They did a president song, music inside of me, head shoulders knees and toes, dragon song, and I think one other one.  

We had a great time... we love you Sandra!

Spring Soccer

We decided to let the boys do soccer again this spring.  They were really excited about it and it will be something good to keep them, and us, busy for the next few months.  We requested for them to be on the same team again - one benefit of them being only 14 months apart so that has helped keep our lives a little less crazy :).  

Right before the season started we got an email from the head guy organizing the teams asking if Jeff would be interested in coaching the boys team since there was a lot of interest this year and they needed to form a new team.  We talked and decided that he would do it so we are the super soccer family right now ;).  Jeff has been working with 11 boys twice a week to get them ready for their first game.  Some of the boys have experience and some don't so there is a lot to work on at practices.  We are also playing catch up a little since some of the other teams have been together for years and practice months before the first game, not 2 weeks like we had.  

The time for the first game came and the boys survived... not that we won, or scored or anything like that, just that they didn't die of exhaustion running all over the huge field :).  It also gave Jeff a really good idea of what to focus on at practices... we will keep working and hopefully keep improving!

Another thing ... the pictures aren't that good, but that's what you get when you're sitting with a baby on your lap, maybe I'll try harder next game ;)

Grant is number 18 this year (and Talmage is still number 13).

Lots of boys playing soccer ;)

A side throw in ... I think 

Talmage getting ready to get the ball after the kick off.

Talmage chasing down the other team as they head for our goal... again :(

We also have a friend from church on our team so they were at the game with us.  The wife is also a big soccer player so she is helping out Jeff with the coaching.  Here is the hubby playing with my girls during the game :)

They sure gave him a workout!

Lots of twirling!

Oh, and he doesn't know when to say no either.  I finally had to ask them to leave him alone.  He was such a good sport :)

After the game and everyone was leaving Clark got out and took the soccer ball he was playing with and went out on the field.  He was kicking it and running... he looked like he knew what he was doing.  It was adorable!!  Too bad the camera wasn't ready in time and I got Mhari walking him back to us because it was time to go.  Maybe we have another soccer player in our future ;).  

Well, first game down only 9 more to go.  By the time it's all done I will probably have our little baby girl!  It's going to be a busy next 9 weeks or so :).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wee Sneaky Hungry Baby

Baby has always seemed to be a dumpster diver. We have taken photos of his previous endeavors. Today after church Sharla and I heard a little rustle in the kitchen and the thought came of baby. Instead of taking more photos, I thought it would be nice to take a video of his wee sneakiness... I love how he did not see me for a while and then the looks on his face after noticing I was there. He is such a sweet cute boy. Like father like son I guess here. I eat food out of trash cans to this day. Watchout, I sometimes share the food with others too. We never want to be selfish right :). He was so adorable!  We love our wee sneaky hungry baby!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 year old and Crazy!

OK, so sorry no recent pictures for this post.  Mostly because I never saw it happen so I didn't go get the camera ... or it wasn't handy to grab so here is a fun picture from the gardens of Mhari ;)

Here is a list of the crazy thing Mhari has been into recently:

Cutting - bringing scissors into her room and cutting things into tiny pieces.

Coloring - with pens and markers on her bed, sheets, shower curtains, body, walls, etc. :(

Painting - with nail polish!?  Arg!!! I have found it on her bed, clothes, and it's supposedly on her dresser too

Eating - sneaking food when she's not supposed to :(.  She has gotten into the chips and just yesterday the cereal... which she chose to share with her little brother in his bed during nap time.  Oh fun times.  

Water - playing with water from my pretty vase soaking her clothes.  She even cleaned it all up so I wouldn't know, until I realized she had changed her clothes.  I'm grateful she didn't break the vase and that the water wasn't everywhere!

I know it could be worse.  I know she is testing limits and enjoying learning new things... but I may go crazy trying to keep up with all of her craziness!  I love her and her strong will and attitude.  She will be an amazing force to reckon with when she's older... and now, I just need to survive it all.  

Oh the joys of children and learning how to be big!  We love our Punkin!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My little Loves!

Our kids are so fun and sweet and adorable (along with loud, crazy, and all of those other fun things)!  We really love them and what a fun thing to share for Valentines Day!!!

Here are just a few of the silly things they have been up to lately:

Mhari jumping on a pile of pillows...

which then baby had to jump on them too... he was so cute :)

We love doing ring-a-round the rosies!  
Sandra and Clark.  Clark will do this over and over with the girls.  He is at such a fun age and the kids just love playing with him!

and we all fall down!

The older three kids were being frogs, or rabbits, I'm not sure, but they were doing a hopping game around the rug. It amazes me that they can be so entertained with the simplest things ;)

Hopping :)

Clark watching Daddy eat... he loves food ;)

 Clark loves the piano.  He will open it up, move out the stool, climb up and start playing.  So adorable! 

The other day for quiet time Grant was playing with the tubes for the marshmallow shooters.  He decided they could make music.  He is swinging it while he blows which is why it's a bit blurry.  It was actually making pretty good sound too.  I wonder if we have a future tuba player on our hands ;).

We love our kids... they bring such joy and happiness to our family!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Baby's Wedding

The time came for the baby in my family to get married... The last wedding for the Whitmer's.  I flew out to Phx for the wedding.  It was great to see my family and celebrate Vance and Jessica's marriage.  It was a beautiful day too :).

My mom and I 

Me, Holly, Mom, Christa - the Whitmer girls

Me and Joe - my other little brother :)

The bride, Jessica and all of the flower girls - nieces.  Too cute!

The Whitmer family - my sisters, brothers, and mom.

The whole Whitmer family - with spouses and children (just missing my kids and hubby).  That's just my parents posterity!

The wedding cake and blue bouquet

The center pieces.  Vance is a bear and Jessica is a deer... that was their theme... so cute.  Also the cake topper :)

Vance waiting for his bride.  He was so cute waiting for her!

 The wedding.  

Vance and Jessica's first dance :)

Vance sang to mom "I often go walking" and then danced with her.  It was very touching... the blue bouquet was for her :).

What I got to do most of the night...helped my sister-in-law with her 3 kids while my brother was part of the wedding party.  It was nice to be able to help out :).  It was so cute when the baby fell asleep on his mommy. Unfortunately then the brother had to be on her too... oh the fun of being a mommy.

The cutest part of the night was watching all of the kids dance.  They had a great time.  This is when I wish my kids were here enjoying the fun night with their cousins.  

Oh, and the adults got in on the dancing too... Westen and his little girl.

More Daddies and Daughters... love it!

Couples :)

Cake cutting time.  They did a nice job cutting the cake and being cute - but not getting mean.  

I even got a dance with the groom.  It was nice to be there for him on his special day.  

It was a super fast trip, but I'm glad I went.  Congrats to Vance and Jessica :)

Future Farmers?!

Last week I took the kids to the Fort Worth Stock Show.  They had a day off of school for the teachers, but also to go to the stock show, it was raining, but we went anyway.  They had a great time seeing all of the animals.  If they had their way we would have bought a horse, pig, sheep, chick, duck, cow, and many other animals.  Oh my, are all kids this in love with animals? 

Well, it was fun and here are some of the fun pics of the kids enjoying the stock show ;)

Talmage and Grant with the turkey - it was pretty big too!

 Learning how the farmers separate out the cotton from the seeds.  It was pretty cool to see the small cotton gin!

Feeling the cotton from the field.

Learning about wind energy - helping make the wind with the stationary bike :)

All the kids in front of the big cow banner.

Talmage trying to feel a bunny.  They will bite so that's not a safe thing to do!

They were really cute!

Sandra with her favorite bunny

so cute!

Grant's favorite

Bunny nose competition.  So cute to see the kids wiggling their noses!

Grant competing with a black bunny :)

A girl had her bunny out so the kids could pet it.  They are so soft!

Clark had a long morning.  He couldn't wait any longer for his nap.  He did awesome, just one minute he was a wake and the next he was sleeping.  Such a good boy!
We had a great time and we'll see how long it takes before we own another animal.  The bunnies are on the top of my list :)