Monday, February 6, 2012

Future Farmers?!

Last week I took the kids to the Fort Worth Stock Show.  They had a day off of school for the teachers, but also to go to the stock show, it was raining, but we went anyway.  They had a great time seeing all of the animals.  If they had their way we would have bought a horse, pig, sheep, chick, duck, cow, and many other animals.  Oh my, are all kids this in love with animals? 

Well, it was fun and here are some of the fun pics of the kids enjoying the stock show ;)

Talmage and Grant with the turkey - it was pretty big too!

 Learning how the farmers separate out the cotton from the seeds.  It was pretty cool to see the small cotton gin!

Feeling the cotton from the field.

Learning about wind energy - helping make the wind with the stationary bike :)

All the kids in front of the big cow banner.

Talmage trying to feel a bunny.  They will bite so that's not a safe thing to do!

They were really cute!

Sandra with her favorite bunny

so cute!

Grant's favorite

Bunny nose competition.  So cute to see the kids wiggling their noses!

Grant competing with a black bunny :)

A girl had her bunny out so the kids could pet it.  They are so soft!

Clark had a long morning.  He couldn't wait any longer for his nap.  He did awesome, just one minute he was a wake and the next he was sleeping.  Such a good boy!
We had a great time and we'll see how long it takes before we own another animal.  The bunnies are on the top of my list :)

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