Monday, February 6, 2012

The Baby's Wedding

The time came for the baby in my family to get married... The last wedding for the Whitmer's.  I flew out to Phx for the wedding.  It was great to see my family and celebrate Vance and Jessica's marriage.  It was a beautiful day too :).

My mom and I 

Me, Holly, Mom, Christa - the Whitmer girls

Me and Joe - my other little brother :)

The bride, Jessica and all of the flower girls - nieces.  Too cute!

The Whitmer family - my sisters, brothers, and mom.

The whole Whitmer family - with spouses and children (just missing my kids and hubby).  That's just my parents posterity!

The wedding cake and blue bouquet

The center pieces.  Vance is a bear and Jessica is a deer... that was their theme... so cute.  Also the cake topper :)

Vance waiting for his bride.  He was so cute waiting for her!

 The wedding.  

Vance and Jessica's first dance :)

Vance sang to mom "I often go walking" and then danced with her.  It was very touching... the blue bouquet was for her :).

What I got to do most of the night...helped my sister-in-law with her 3 kids while my brother was part of the wedding party.  It was nice to be able to help out :).  It was so cute when the baby fell asleep on his mommy. Unfortunately then the brother had to be on her too... oh the fun of being a mommy.

The cutest part of the night was watching all of the kids dance.  They had a great time.  This is when I wish my kids were here enjoying the fun night with their cousins.  

Oh, and the adults got in on the dancing too... Westen and his little girl.

More Daddies and Daughters... love it!

Couples :)

Cake cutting time.  They did a nice job cutting the cake and being cute - but not getting mean.  

I even got a dance with the groom.  It was nice to be there for him on his special day.  

It was a super fast trip, but I'm glad I went.  Congrats to Vance and Jessica :)

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JandA said...

I would not have survived the night without you Sharla. Thank you SOOOOO much!