Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Soccer

We decided to let the boys do soccer again this spring.  They were really excited about it and it will be something good to keep them, and us, busy for the next few months.  We requested for them to be on the same team again - one benefit of them being only 14 months apart so that has helped keep our lives a little less crazy :).  

Right before the season started we got an email from the head guy organizing the teams asking if Jeff would be interested in coaching the boys team since there was a lot of interest this year and they needed to form a new team.  We talked and decided that he would do it so we are the super soccer family right now ;).  Jeff has been working with 11 boys twice a week to get them ready for their first game.  Some of the boys have experience and some don't so there is a lot to work on at practices.  We are also playing catch up a little since some of the other teams have been together for years and practice months before the first game, not 2 weeks like we had.  

The time for the first game came and the boys survived... not that we won, or scored or anything like that, just that they didn't die of exhaustion running all over the huge field :).  It also gave Jeff a really good idea of what to focus on at practices... we will keep working and hopefully keep improving!

Another thing ... the pictures aren't that good, but that's what you get when you're sitting with a baby on your lap, maybe I'll try harder next game ;)

Grant is number 18 this year (and Talmage is still number 13).

Lots of boys playing soccer ;)

A side throw in ... I think 

Talmage getting ready to get the ball after the kick off.

Talmage chasing down the other team as they head for our goal... again :(

We also have a friend from church on our team so they were at the game with us.  The wife is also a big soccer player so she is helping out Jeff with the coaching.  Here is the hubby playing with my girls during the game :)

They sure gave him a workout!

Lots of twirling!

Oh, and he doesn't know when to say no either.  I finally had to ask them to leave him alone.  He was such a good sport :)

After the game and everyone was leaving Clark got out and took the soccer ball he was playing with and went out on the field.  He was kicking it and running... he looked like he knew what he was doing.  It was adorable!!  Too bad the camera wasn't ready in time and I got Mhari walking him back to us because it was time to go.  Maybe we have another soccer player in our future ;).  

Well, first game down only 9 more to go.  By the time it's all done I will probably have our little baby girl!  It's going to be a busy next 9 weeks or so :).

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