Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 year old and Crazy!

OK, so sorry no recent pictures for this post.  Mostly because I never saw it happen so I didn't go get the camera ... or it wasn't handy to grab so here is a fun picture from the gardens of Mhari ;)

Here is a list of the crazy thing Mhari has been into recently:

Cutting - bringing scissors into her room and cutting things into tiny pieces.

Coloring - with pens and markers on her bed, sheets, shower curtains, body, walls, etc. :(

Painting - with nail polish!?  Arg!!! I have found it on her bed, clothes, and it's supposedly on her dresser too

Eating - sneaking food when she's not supposed to :(.  She has gotten into the chips and just yesterday the cereal... which she chose to share with her little brother in his bed during nap time.  Oh fun times.  

Water - playing with water from my pretty vase soaking her clothes.  She even cleaned it all up so I wouldn't know, until I realized she had changed her clothes.  I'm grateful she didn't break the vase and that the water wasn't everywhere!

I know it could be worse.  I know she is testing limits and enjoying learning new things... but I may go crazy trying to keep up with all of her craziness!  I love her and her strong will and attitude.  She will be an amazing force to reckon with when she's older... and now, I just need to survive it all.  

Oh the joys of children and learning how to be big!  We love our Punkin!

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LaDawn said...

This is so funny Sharla. You named everything that each one of my kid's have done at some time. I love that you wrote it all down:).