Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egg Hunting

Last Saturday a huge storm rolled through our area and we got hail for about 5 minutes!  It was crazy to wake up to that in spring, but this is Texas so by that afternoon it wasn't that bad and we were out at a friends house for an Easter get together.  I will say it was still muddy, but everyone still had a great time :).

Jeff holding Lorna

The girls trying out the skateboard swing ;).  Grant was helping push from behind.

Clark made it into the little studio and did a pretty egg picture

Grant and Talmage playing basketball.  Unfortunately a few minutes after this picture Grant got hit in the face with the ball and his glasses broke.  He was really sad.  I got them fixed on Monday so it's all good now.

Clark trying to work the bubble blower.  He didn't quite get it, but he sure liked trying

Talmage was a bubble pro :)

Enjoying all of the treats that everyone brought to share.

Mommy and Bug

Chica egg hunting

 Mhari hunting

Grant helping Clark find eggs

After all of the Easter fun we headed out to a wedding reception for a friend of Jeff's from law school.  Let's just say the kids enjoyed egg hunting much more than a reception :).  It was a fun busy Saturday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cute Bug

Our little bug just keeps growing and learning new things.  Here are just a couple of the cute things we enjoy :)

Bug is using our baskets to push as walkers around the downstairs.  I think she will figure out walking soon enough now that she's been up and doing so much!

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that others have to "walk" with her - Clark :)


Lorna bug

Last night Lorna was playing with a tootsie roll....

I mean, eating a tootsie roll :)
I didn't think she would get it unwrapped, but obviously I was wrong!

Oh, and she's loving getting to eat more and more food...

She had the cracker poking out of her mouth, it was adorable!
We just love our little bug!  

We love pickles!

In Mansfield they have a "Pickle Parade" to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  Our friends got us to go out and it was a lot of fun!  The kids really enjoyed the parade, well, getting candy, but it really was fun to see what everyone did to participate!

Here is just one example:  Poor dog, didn't expect to be green I'm sure

Totally looks like the squirrel from Ice Age, not sure if it was, but too fun anyway ;)

The squirrel throwing candy

We even had friends in the parade :).  I heard one of the girls from the 4-H group say hi to Sandra and I took another look and saw our friends from the ward :)

Oh and let's not forget the awesome mom in the 4-H group.  This is her giving us our very own cheer :)

Oh and lets not forget the lady giving out free hugs ;)

 I figured I should have the kids turn around for a picture since I had lots of the back of their heads :)

Oh, and there goes the pickle...

Clark hung out with Jeff 

more candy

Home Depot's did super heros

And the highlight of the parade was the world famous traveling elvi!  They were super cool on their mini-bikes!

 Cute Mhari


Bug hung out with Mommy :)

It was a fun day and probably a new St. Patrick's day tradition :)

Spring Break!

Spring break has come and gone... so fast again this year.  I know that I plan things and keep the week really busy so we all have a good time and by the time I look at the photos there are just a couple that I bothered to take.  I guess that figures... hard to remember to take pictures when having so much fun :)

I'll try to outline what the week held and then explain the photos.
Monday:  Play at home and errands, such fun I know :)
Tuesday:  Park play date with friends from the ward
Wednesday:  TCU baseball game and friends from AZ over for dinner
Thursday:  Play at the local school with friends from the neighborhood
Friday:  Fort Worth play date at the park :)

The pictures are from the Friday play date at the park.  

Here are most of the friends that played.  

Closer up of the girls

Bug, sadness.  It was a hard week on the baby who just wanted to nap :)

She almost looks happy in this one, but she's totally crying :(

We had a great week "off" and are sad it's over already.  It was also great to have time to play with friends from near and far!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweet boys

I thought these pictures would go well for coming into spring... although they were taken back in December :). 
 At the kids old school the front lawn always had tons of dandelions!  One day the boys collected all of the dandelions that were ready to make wishes on...



Then they let the seeds go

I love that even though they are getting older they are still sweet.  I loved watching them enjoy something as simple as picking dandelions!  I love my boys!

10 Month Old Bug!

Our little Lorna bug is already 10 months old!  I'm not sure I'm happy with how fast she seems to be growing up, but she sure is fun to have around and such a cutie!  She is also super smart.  I think she is trying to keep up with the older kids a little too much.  
We were at the park this week and she decided that she needed to climb the playground equipment!

She acted like she was going to go right up the chain ladder too!

Here she is from bath time.  She discovered the water as it was filling the tub.  Evidently she was thirsty!

 Silly girl

Lorna really is doing so much it's amazing.  She will wave hi and bye now and says hi when she waves.  She also claps her hands when she wants to... usually if something exciting is happening!  She blows out her nose and scrunches up her face!  It is adorable and she keeps doing it if we copy her because then she knows we think she's funny :).  She can stand on her own, but hasn't taken any steps yet.  She just started pushing some of the baby toys (strollers) so I'm sure she'll figure out the walking thing soon enough.  She loves food and doesn't care for baby food any more.  She also likes to bite, which is great for eating food, but otherwise it really hurts.  She got her two upper teeth this last week!  She doesn't want to cuddle and be rocked, but would rather just lay down with her fluffy blanket to fall asleep.  She is a great baby and loves to explore and be around the kids and her mommy!
We love our little bug!  


We have already had our first school performance at the new school.  The first grade put on a music program about bugs.  It was really cute :).  All of the kids got to pick a bug they wanted to be and then come dressed up as it.  Oh, what fun!  Sandra wanted to be a firefly.  I wasn't sure what costume would make a firefly so I asked Sandra.  She said she should be all yellow and have wings.  Hmmm, now the hunt was on.  I found material to make a yellow polka-dot skirt so that was one piece down.  The yellow shirt was much more tricky as were the wings, but I found them after searching a few stores.  

Here is Sandra all ready to go to her performance!

She is the top right corner.  

She did a great job!  It was fun to see the cute performance!