Thursday, March 14, 2013


We have already had our first school performance at the new school.  The first grade put on a music program about bugs.  It was really cute :).  All of the kids got to pick a bug they wanted to be and then come dressed up as it.  Oh, what fun!  Sandra wanted to be a firefly.  I wasn't sure what costume would make a firefly so I asked Sandra.  She said she should be all yellow and have wings.  Hmmm, now the hunt was on.  I found material to make a yellow polka-dot skirt so that was one piece down.  The yellow shirt was much more tricky as were the wings, but I found them after searching a few stores.  

Here is Sandra all ready to go to her performance!

She is the top right corner.  

She did a great job!  It was fun to see the cute performance!  

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