Monday, March 25, 2013

We love pickles!

In Mansfield they have a "Pickle Parade" to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  Our friends got us to go out and it was a lot of fun!  The kids really enjoyed the parade, well, getting candy, but it really was fun to see what everyone did to participate!

Here is just one example:  Poor dog, didn't expect to be green I'm sure

Totally looks like the squirrel from Ice Age, not sure if it was, but too fun anyway ;)

The squirrel throwing candy

We even had friends in the parade :).  I heard one of the girls from the 4-H group say hi to Sandra and I took another look and saw our friends from the ward :)

Oh and let's not forget the awesome mom in the 4-H group.  This is her giving us our very own cheer :)

Oh and lets not forget the lady giving out free hugs ;)

 I figured I should have the kids turn around for a picture since I had lots of the back of their heads :)

Oh, and there goes the pickle...

Clark hung out with Jeff 

more candy

Home Depot's did super heros

And the highlight of the parade was the world famous traveling elvi!  They were super cool on their mini-bikes!

 Cute Mhari


Bug hung out with Mommy :)

It was a fun day and probably a new St. Patrick's day tradition :)

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