Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egg Hunting

Last Saturday a huge storm rolled through our area and we got hail for about 5 minutes!  It was crazy to wake up to that in spring, but this is Texas so by that afternoon it wasn't that bad and we were out at a friends house for an Easter get together.  I will say it was still muddy, but everyone still had a great time :).

Jeff holding Lorna

The girls trying out the skateboard swing ;).  Grant was helping push from behind.

Clark made it into the little studio and did a pretty egg picture

Grant and Talmage playing basketball.  Unfortunately a few minutes after this picture Grant got hit in the face with the ball and his glasses broke.  He was really sad.  I got them fixed on Monday so it's all good now.

Clark trying to work the bubble blower.  He didn't quite get it, but he sure liked trying

Talmage was a bubble pro :)

Enjoying all of the treats that everyone brought to share.

Mommy and Bug

Chica egg hunting

 Mhari hunting

Grant helping Clark find eggs

After all of the Easter fun we headed out to a wedding reception for a friend of Jeff's from law school.  Let's just say the kids enjoyed egg hunting much more than a reception :).  It was a fun busy Saturday!

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