Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Month Old Bug!

Our little Lorna bug is already 10 months old!  I'm not sure I'm happy with how fast she seems to be growing up, but she sure is fun to have around and such a cutie!  She is also super smart.  I think she is trying to keep up with the older kids a little too much.  
We were at the park this week and she decided that she needed to climb the playground equipment!

She acted like she was going to go right up the chain ladder too!

Here she is from bath time.  She discovered the water as it was filling the tub.  Evidently she was thirsty!

 Silly girl

Lorna really is doing so much it's amazing.  She will wave hi and bye now and says hi when she waves.  She also claps her hands when she wants to... usually if something exciting is happening!  She blows out her nose and scrunches up her face!  It is adorable and she keeps doing it if we copy her because then she knows we think she's funny :).  She can stand on her own, but hasn't taken any steps yet.  She just started pushing some of the baby toys (strollers) so I'm sure she'll figure out the walking thing soon enough.  She loves food and doesn't care for baby food any more.  She also likes to bite, which is great for eating food, but otherwise it really hurts.  She got her two upper teeth this last week!  She doesn't want to cuddle and be rocked, but would rather just lay down with her fluffy blanket to fall asleep.  She is a great baby and loves to explore and be around the kids and her mommy!
We love our little bug!  

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