Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beautiful Children!

It was time to update the kids pictures.  I really love to see a yearly update of my kids.  It's amazing to me how much they grow and change every year!  It makes me sad that I don't notice it, but it is awesome to see how beautiful they are and how much they have changed!  I also really think there is a piece of sanity it brings me to look at my children in photos.  I remember all of the good in them and even though raising kids is frustrating looking at photos of them just makes me happy :).  I hope you enjoy the fun update.  Oh, and since we have cousins around we made it a cousin photo shoot too!

Sandra!  She will be 8 this year... man, where has the time gone?

Mhari - cute little Punkin

Grant!  I just think he's handsome ;)

Talmage!  Man, when did he get so grown up?

Cute brothers

My three handsome boys!

Clark had bonked his chin at the pool earlier in the week, but he really wanted his picture taken too.  He's still such a handsome boy!

Little Lorna bug!  It's amazing how much she is growing all of the time!  She just wants to be a big girl like all of the older kids!


Silly baby

Just beautiful!

Three boy cousins - Grant, Talmage and Owen

Sandra and Ella

Mhari and Bree

All of the beautiful girls

Group Hug!

Lorna stealing the show!  (and some shoes)

The whole group

The posed photo :)

Talmage just being natural - may be his best photo :)

cutie ;)

I know there was a lot, but that's what happens when there are 6 kids, plus cousins :).  Oh, and there are more too, these are some of my favorites!  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Evening Shower

Last night we had a beautiful rain storm.  It came out of no where.  It developed right over our little town and rained hard just on us.  It was really cool.  Our cul de sac was like a lake and it was still sunny the whole time.  The rain was even cool - so fabulous!  We had to play in the rain!  Talmage went out first and when he was done he went up to shower... so that's where he was by the time I grabbed the camera.  Everyone really had a great time outside, especially Lorna!

Here are Sandra, Clark, and Mhari


Loving the rain coming down and hitting her

Running in the rain

Grant posing for me.  Love the rain!

When it was time to go in Grant decided he should have a Mohawk.  He is silly!

Yay for beautiful rain storms on those hot summer days, Yay for playing in the rain and yay for warming up and getting cleaned up and ready for bed.  It was a nice night :)

Talmage's photography

Talmage has been very busy working on earning as many Webelos pins as he can before he turns 11.  That would also include belt loops where they apply to the pins.  One of them was a photography something-er-other so he had to take 10 photos.  He took more than 10, which was fine because he had to get used to the camera and he had taken several blurry ones.  He did some pictures of the outside plants and also decided to do a mini photo shoot of our bunny.  He had fun and I really like some of the photos ;).

Here is a new bush we planted out front.  I love the blue flowers!

Our new rose bush - we have white and pink roses.

The crepe myrtle in front of the house.  I love the perspective of this photo!

Here are the pictures of Nibbles.  I did edit these to get close enough to see the bunny and sister.  I don't think the girls are used to being bunny models yet - not much smiling going on here.  It was fun to see how cute they were "posing" with Nibbles



Close up of the bunny

Talmage wants a camera for his birthday so he can take pictures of wild life and make his own book of animals from pictures he has taken. It is fun to see their interests.  I think he will really enjoyig taking photos of animals.  He's not that bad with plants either ;)

Cute Hat

I've had this hat cut out and ready to be sewn together for far too long.  The time came (with some motivation from a sister-in-law) to get it done :).  I love how cute Lorna was with her new hat!  Oh, and I also love that it is reversable!  Now, if she would leave it on her head for more than 5 seconds... oh well.  

Here is the photo shoot that also lasted about 5 seconds :)

She is so adorable!

I love this side of the hat too, but by the time I switched it over she was already done with her time for photos... so you see her ready to take it off ;)

Cute bug in a cute hat!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 3rd of July!

Mansfield did their big 4th of July on the 3rd this year.  We had Nathan and Tiffany and their kids over for a few days to enjoy the holiday.  We had a BBQ dinner with roasting marshmellows.  Then we had some waterballoon fun.  We ended up at the local school to watch the fireworks show.  It was a fun night ;)

Here are the kids ready to roast the marshmellows.

We waited too long so they kind of just got warm, and not so roasted.  The kids didn't seem to mind tho :)

Yum - Talmage

Chica and Ella

Bug enjoying a marshmellow :)

Bonding with Aunt Tiffany




Waterballon Fight!

Bug loves waterballoons!


 Oh and they taste good ;)

Then it was time to launch the ballons!

Punkin - ready, set...


Talmage!  He got the closest to the target :)

Clark needed a little help :).  He really loved being like the big kids!



Kids cleaning up the balloons! 

When the waterballoons were done it turned into a water fight... well, a spray down event none the less

I think they all really just wanted to get wet!

Jeff was trying to be sneaky and get me wet, so I had to try to stop him ;)

Wet bug hair

Owen and Bree were dripping... and never wanted it to stop!  So funny

My favorite shot ;)

Little stink bug crawling!


wearing some shoes on her hands... she's such a fun little bug!

A little basketball to dry off ;)

I will update with some fireworks photos too :)
Happy Independence Day America!!!