Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beautiful Children!

It was time to update the kids pictures.  I really love to see a yearly update of my kids.  It's amazing to me how much they grow and change every year!  It makes me sad that I don't notice it, but it is awesome to see how beautiful they are and how much they have changed!  I also really think there is a piece of sanity it brings me to look at my children in photos.  I remember all of the good in them and even though raising kids is frustrating looking at photos of them just makes me happy :).  I hope you enjoy the fun update.  Oh, and since we have cousins around we made it a cousin photo shoot too!

Sandra!  She will be 8 this year... man, where has the time gone?

Mhari - cute little Punkin

Grant!  I just think he's handsome ;)

Talmage!  Man, when did he get so grown up?

Cute brothers

My three handsome boys!

Clark had bonked his chin at the pool earlier in the week, but he really wanted his picture taken too.  He's still such a handsome boy!

Little Lorna bug!  It's amazing how much she is growing all of the time!  She just wants to be a big girl like all of the older kids!


Silly baby

Just beautiful!

Three boy cousins - Grant, Talmage and Owen

Sandra and Ella

Mhari and Bree

All of the beautiful girls

Group Hug!

Lorna stealing the show!  (and some shoes)

The whole group

The posed photo :)

Talmage just being natural - may be his best photo :)

cutie ;)

I know there was a lot, but that's what happens when there are 6 kids, plus cousins :).  Oh, and there are more too, these are some of my favorites!  

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