Friday, July 26, 2013

Evening Shower

Last night we had a beautiful rain storm.  It came out of no where.  It developed right over our little town and rained hard just on us.  It was really cool.  Our cul de sac was like a lake and it was still sunny the whole time.  The rain was even cool - so fabulous!  We had to play in the rain!  Talmage went out first and when he was done he went up to shower... so that's where he was by the time I grabbed the camera.  Everyone really had a great time outside, especially Lorna!

Here are Sandra, Clark, and Mhari


Loving the rain coming down and hitting her

Running in the rain

Grant posing for me.  Love the rain!

When it was time to go in Grant decided he should have a Mohawk.  He is silly!

Yay for beautiful rain storms on those hot summer days, Yay for playing in the rain and yay for warming up and getting cleaned up and ready for bed.  It was a nice night :)

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