Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 3rd of July!

Mansfield did their big 4th of July on the 3rd this year.  We had Nathan and Tiffany and their kids over for a few days to enjoy the holiday.  We had a BBQ dinner with roasting marshmellows.  Then we had some waterballoon fun.  We ended up at the local school to watch the fireworks show.  It was a fun night ;)

Here are the kids ready to roast the marshmellows.

We waited too long so they kind of just got warm, and not so roasted.  The kids didn't seem to mind tho :)

Yum - Talmage

Chica and Ella

Bug enjoying a marshmellow :)

Bonding with Aunt Tiffany




Waterballon Fight!

Bug loves waterballoons!


 Oh and they taste good ;)

Then it was time to launch the ballons!

Punkin - ready, set...


Talmage!  He got the closest to the target :)

Clark needed a little help :).  He really loved being like the big kids!



Kids cleaning up the balloons! 

When the waterballoons were done it turned into a water fight... well, a spray down event none the less

I think they all really just wanted to get wet!

Jeff was trying to be sneaky and get me wet, so I had to try to stop him ;)

Wet bug hair

Owen and Bree were dripping... and never wanted it to stop!  So funny

My favorite shot ;)

Little stink bug crawling!


wearing some shoes on her hands... she's such a fun little bug!

A little basketball to dry off ;)

I will update with some fireworks photos too :)
Happy Independence Day America!!!

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