Friday, July 26, 2013

Talmage's photography

Talmage has been very busy working on earning as many Webelos pins as he can before he turns 11.  That would also include belt loops where they apply to the pins.  One of them was a photography something-er-other so he had to take 10 photos.  He took more than 10, which was fine because he had to get used to the camera and he had taken several blurry ones.  He did some pictures of the outside plants and also decided to do a mini photo shoot of our bunny.  He had fun and I really like some of the photos ;).

Here is a new bush we planted out front.  I love the blue flowers!

Our new rose bush - we have white and pink roses.

The crepe myrtle in front of the house.  I love the perspective of this photo!

Here are the pictures of Nibbles.  I did edit these to get close enough to see the bunny and sister.  I don't think the girls are used to being bunny models yet - not much smiling going on here.  It was fun to see how cute they were "posing" with Nibbles



Close up of the bunny

Talmage wants a camera for his birthday so he can take pictures of wild life and make his own book of animals from pictures he has taken. It is fun to see their interests.  I think he will really enjoyig taking photos of animals.  He's not that bad with plants either ;)

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