Monday, August 29, 2016

Girl Room!

When we got this house the girls really wanted the front bedroom that overlooks the lake.  Hard to blame them.  The other room really was better suited to the girls with the bedroom connected to a larger bathroom and the closet.  The girls have had enough of purple rooms so we started planning what we would do to their room.  We settled on a green and gray room with orange accents.  It was fun to help them turn their room into their own space.  There are a few details still to finish, but overall we now have a huge step in the right direction!

Purple... and stripes!

So much purple

Everyone helped... some more than others ;). 

Sandra really enjoyed working the high spots.

Mhari was a good little painter!

Once it was all put back together it was a nice change!

Mhari and Lorna's beds

Sandra's corner of the room. 

Yay for getting the girls' room in order!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Boys Room!

When the girls were getting their room done the boys were very ready to get going on theirs.  They wanted a blue and grey room with yellow accents.  Their walls are taller so it was more difficult, but Grant was a trooper and got up to the top!

Talmage worked really hard and spent his extra time when he was done with school work getting painting done!

Little Clark wanted to help too! 

Clark and Talmage were so exhausted after all of the hard work!

Talmage working on the last wall!
The boys room turned out well.  It is nice to have the kids rooms looking nice and having them each have their own bookcase to organize their stuff and still have it look nice. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Poor Lorna was having a hard night.  She ended up sharing the bed with me and was feeling better when she woke up.  I don't sleep well when I share the bed with kids, but I know this is getting more and more rare.  Time to savor the little moments. 

Another rainbow!  So beautiful!

The rain made for an amazing sky!

The cute little kids picked all of these sweet flowers.  I love them!

Flower picking!

I just love, love, love the sunset!

All of my beautiful flowers!

 My love and me!

Just keeps getting better!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tree trimming Fun!

We have a huge oak tree on the side of the house.  We took out a crepe myrtle that was being smothered and once it was out we could see how much the oak needed a little help.  It was partly growing up onto the roof so it was god to trim that off too.  The kids are such good helpers too!

Talmage and Grant were more than willing to climb the big tree and help cut off dead branches ;)

Sandra was working the limbs on the roof.  It is hard to see her up there, but with a little help we got that branch off the roof!

Mhari hanging in another crepe myrtle

Cute Bug

The brush pile line up for the trash man

A beautiful rainbow

Just another beautiful sky!

The day we moved into the house one of our main windows in the living room was foggy :(.  We had to wait until we actually owned the house to get it done, but as soon as we could dealing with scheduling, we got our window replaced so we could enjoy our view!   

We love this view!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Welcome Back!

We had a crazy fast summer, but it's back to school again!  We are ready to get going on another awesome homeschool year!  With 5 kids in school it gets pretty crazy, but we make it through!  Talmage is officially an 8th grader, Grant is 7th, Sandra 5th, Mhari 3rd and Clark is in 1st grade. 

This year we started Talmage in Seminary.  That has made us get a jump on our days and go to bed earlier, but he is really enjoying it.  We are planning for him to finish Seminary before he turns 18 so when he goes on his mission he will have finished 4 years of seminary.  That means Grant starts next year.  Talmage also started a math class at TCC.  It is a homeschool class so that's really fun.  It's Algebra 1 and in the Spring he will take Algebra 2.  Hopefully this will help prep him as he starts getting ready to transition to college classes in his future!  They are growing up so fast!  Clark is back in speech this year so that also keeps our schedule busy.  School is going to fly bye this year!

Grant and Sandra




Friday, August 12, 2016

6 Flags Fun!

We hit 6 Flags before our free Read to Succeed tickets expired!  We met up with the Myers and the cousins.  There were tons of kids, but tons of fun to be had!  It was fun to have kids range all of the ages so that the little kids could go to the little rides while the big kids hit some of the big rides!  It was a hot day, but we had a blast! 

Look at all of those kids! 

Little tea cups!

 Baby superman ride ;)

Lorna was scared, but she did well with some help from Mhari

The kids first time on this water shooting ride.  I think it was Clark's favorite ride :)

 The swings!! 

Lorna was not sure about the swings.  She was pretty scared for every ride.  I just had to keep her on the ride and try to calm her down.  After the rides she was so happy and had such a great time!  It was a big learning experience for her and Clark as it was their first 6 Flags trip!!

We split up and Brandy took the little kids and I had the big kids.  We rode on Mr. Freeze.  Afterwards there was this spraying mister which the kids really loved!  Too funny!

 We even got to ride the new ride - Riddler's Revenge!  It was super awesome! 

Ella and Talmage chickened out of the big rides, but enjoyed hanging out with their friends in line :)

Superman!  Talmage is on!

Cute girls ready to ride!

We even got some yummy food to share

Owen wasn't feeling well and I tried to get him to sit out a ride and calm down after he threw up (heat exhaustion).  Well, instead of sitting out the ride he go on it.  He hung in there for a while, but when it was time to eat he still wasn't feeling well.  He ended up throwing up again and really just exhausted.  Nathan and Tiffany came to get the kids and Ella was kind enough to help Owen with a piggy back ride!

Once all the friends headed out we ended up getting some funnel cake that the Myers were kind enough to share with us.  It was our first time having funnel cake and it was yummy!

After our long day everyone ended up crashing!  It was hard work playing so much! 

Sandra :)