Friday, August 12, 2016

6 Flags Fun!

We hit 6 Flags before our free Read to Succeed tickets expired!  We met up with the Myers and the cousins.  There were tons of kids, but tons of fun to be had!  It was fun to have kids range all of the ages so that the little kids could go to the little rides while the big kids hit some of the big rides!  It was a hot day, but we had a blast! 

Look at all of those kids! 

Little tea cups!

 Baby superman ride ;)

Lorna was scared, but she did well with some help from Mhari

The kids first time on this water shooting ride.  I think it was Clark's favorite ride :)

 The swings!! 

Lorna was not sure about the swings.  She was pretty scared for every ride.  I just had to keep her on the ride and try to calm her down.  After the rides she was so happy and had such a great time!  It was a big learning experience for her and Clark as it was their first 6 Flags trip!!

We split up and Brandy took the little kids and I had the big kids.  We rode on Mr. Freeze.  Afterwards there was this spraying mister which the kids really loved!  Too funny!

 We even got to ride the new ride - Riddler's Revenge!  It was super awesome! 

Ella and Talmage chickened out of the big rides, but enjoyed hanging out with their friends in line :)

Superman!  Talmage is on!

Cute girls ready to ride!

We even got some yummy food to share

Owen wasn't feeling well and I tried to get him to sit out a ride and calm down after he threw up (heat exhaustion).  Well, instead of sitting out the ride he go on it.  He hung in there for a while, but when it was time to eat he still wasn't feeling well.  He ended up throwing up again and really just exhausted.  Nathan and Tiffany came to get the kids and Ella was kind enough to help Owen with a piggy back ride!

Once all the friends headed out we ended up getting some funnel cake that the Myers were kind enough to share with us.  It was our first time having funnel cake and it was yummy!

After our long day everyone ended up crashing!  It was hard work playing so much! 

Sandra :)

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