Monday, August 29, 2016

Girl Room!

When we got this house the girls really wanted the front bedroom that overlooks the lake.  Hard to blame them.  The other room really was better suited to the girls with the bedroom connected to a larger bathroom and the closet.  The girls have had enough of purple rooms so we started planning what we would do to their room.  We settled on a green and gray room with orange accents.  It was fun to help them turn their room into their own space.  There are a few details still to finish, but overall we now have a huge step in the right direction!

Purple... and stripes!

So much purple

Everyone helped... some more than others ;). 

Sandra really enjoyed working the high spots.

Mhari was a good little painter!

Once it was all put back together it was a nice change!

Mhari and Lorna's beds

Sandra's corner of the room. 

Yay for getting the girls' room in order!

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