Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tree trimming Fun!

We have a huge oak tree on the side of the house.  We took out a crepe myrtle that was being smothered and once it was out we could see how much the oak needed a little help.  It was partly growing up onto the roof so it was god to trim that off too.  The kids are such good helpers too!

Talmage and Grant were more than willing to climb the big tree and help cut off dead branches ;)

Sandra was working the limbs on the roof.  It is hard to see her up there, but with a little help we got that branch off the roof!

Mhari hanging in another crepe myrtle

Cute Bug

The brush pile line up for the trash man

A beautiful rainbow

Just another beautiful sky!

The day we moved into the house one of our main windows in the living room was foggy :(.  We had to wait until we actually owned the house to get it done, but as soon as we could dealing with scheduling, we got our window replaced so we could enjoy our view!   

We love this view!

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