Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park

One of the super fun things we did while in Colorado was visit the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park.  We got to go around and watch the animals getting fed and listen to a worker talk about the animals.  Our kids LOVE animals so this really was a fun treat for them! 

They had all sorts of animals from bears to foxes!

Watching the wolves

So pretty!

Playing in the water

 The porcupine!

Red Fox!

 The bear eating

Feeding time!


Mountain Lion

 Billy Goat

Baby Red Fox

This is from the spring at Pagosa Springs!  It didn't smell that good, but the water was nice and warm!

 The spring runs down into the river

Little Lorna with a carved bear
We didn't end up doing a lot in town.  We walked the downtown shops, but didn't find anything until we hit the Good Will.  It was an easy way for the kids to get something fun for a souvenir ;). 

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