Monday, August 8, 2016

Time together!

We miss the Records, but we were so glad to get a few days to spend together.  We arrived Saturday and ate dinner and enjoyed meeting their cousins too.  Then we went to church together on Sunday and enjoyed Olympics that evening as well as the temple trip.  Monday was spent playing and a hike.  Here are just a few pictures of the kids having fun together.  I love that our kids get along so well.  These are the friends that Talmage and Grant email to stay in touch.  Hopefully this friendship will last for many years to come!

I love watching kids sleep, especially when they are exhausted and sleeping altogether!


 Mhari and Clark

 Jeremiah, Grant, Eliza, Sandra and Talmage playing :)

Grant with the Legos!   

The kids could have spent several more days hanging out and playing with their friends.  Either way we are so glad they got this time together!

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