Friday, August 23, 2013

Good Readers!

Our local library did a summer reading program and for the final prize we got tickets to the local water park ;).  It was our second time as a family to Hawaiian Falls and the kids had a blast!  The older ones spent most of their time riding slides while I hung out with the younger kids in the kiddie pool area.  This was a new area for us this time and the little ones sure enjoyed it!  The older ones even had fun doing the little rope bridge!  Here are some pics of the kids.  They were fun to watch :)


Clark enjoying a snack :)

Lorna too.  Her favorite part were the little slides for the babies.  She was really good at climbing the stairs and then going down the slide all by herself (with me right there in case she slipped and didn't land right).  I am sad that I didn't end up with any photos of her on the slides!  She was seriously fearless!

Handsome Clark enjoying the water!


Sandra and Talmage on one of the little kid slides.  This is one of the slides Lorna was going down.  The big slides are behind them in the photo ;)

Grant's turn!  He was really good at it too!  Seriously fast!

Love this photo :)

Mhari took several tries and kept falling off.  By the time we were done for the day she had crossed the bridge 3 times!  She was so proud of herself!  What a determined little girl!

Clark was so worn out!

It was a fun day, but being sure I keep track of all of my kids is a bit stressful!  I hope next year is a little more fun and a little less stress so we will go more ;).  The kids really really love Hawaiian Falls!

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