Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Homeschool!

This week it was that time of year for school to start again, with a twist!  We decided to homeschool.  This is also the first year having 4 kids in school.  It may seem a little crazy, OK, maybe a lot crazy, but it's been good.  We have just felt a shift in our family and we needed a change.  We want more time with our kids, teaching them, loving them, & playing with them!  It kind of felt like our time together had turned into a chore list after school: get homework done, eat dinner, get ready for bed!  Then start the rush all over the next day.  Some days may be stressful, but I really enjoy my kids and want to have the best experience we can while they are at home with us.  I have more I could say, but that kind of sums up our "Why we are homeschooling" question.  

Talmage is a 5th grader, Grant is a 4th grader, Sandra is a 2nd grader, and Mhari is a Kindergartner!

Here are just a few pictures of our first day together.  

Sandra and Grant



I'm sure there will be lots more photos of our fun together!  Our co-op group starts next week so that will add some weekly fun to our activities!  


Lauren said...

Wow, all of them? You really dove in! That's awesome. Well, you know I'm all about homeschooling! The biggest reason is because I want to be with my kids. ( :

Katie Busken said...

Sharla--this is just one more example of what an incredible woman you are! You never cease to amaze. I love it.

Machelle said...

You are amazing and will do a great job. your kids sure are growing up. love it and miss you guys.