Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mountain Camping

We decided to get out of the Texas heat and get back to a mountain for the Labor Day holiday.  We went back to Arizona to a big beautiful mountain, Mnt Graham!  It was a nice trip away, even though it was a long drive, and then 2 hours up the mountain.  There was rain right before we got there so the roads weren't that great, but otherwise the weather was beautiful and cool!  It was great to have 60 degree temps and even wear sweaters and warm up around a campfire.  

The mountain held lots of awesome experiences, including:  exploding diapers, broken glasses, mountain lions up the way, cousins, bow and arrows, football throws, injured fingers, throwing up in the middle of the night, walking around the lake, bike rides, skinned knees, roasting marshmallows,  games, church on the mountain, pretending to be cave men, waking up with the sun, star gazing, worm hunting, picking wild raspberries, being covered in dirt, starting fires, smoke, smelling like smoke, no cell reception, seeing friends unexpectedly, and many more!!

It was great to be away and we took lots and lots of photos!  I think having time away without distractions was awesome.  The kids also did really well on the drive so that was very encouraging.  Traveling with a 1 year old can be tricky.  We will look forward to trying to make it an annual event.  It was nice to be in Arizona and in cooler weather!


Daddy and Chica throwing the football

Joy catching

Mhari, Simon, Clark

Thomas and Grant


Mommy and Lorna

Clayton and Talmage

Joy and Jonathan


Daddy and Mhari throwing the football

Clark and Simon joining in the football fun

Grant and Thomas digging for worms

Aaron getting the game ready

The boys 

Grant and Tommy.  Grant was always shooting his bow and arrow that he made

Joy, Sandra, and Mhari

Simon and Clark being cute on the stairs



Such a cute bug and Daddy


Mommy and Bug

Thomas, Clayton and Grant raspberry picking

Clark and his stick.  I think every kid had their own stick, or two


Lorna sitting with Grandma while she settled down


Talmage, Joy and Mhari

Aunt Michelle holding bug while she ate chips

Jeff and Talmage getting our own little campfire started

Sandra with her bow and arrow that she made

Lorna on a huge rock at the lake.  She is such a cutie

Mhari and Talmage trying to catch a fish (using just hands)

Grant poking at the fish

At the lake

Mhari blowing a huge dandelion

Mhari doing a funky pose on a log

Clark trying to do it too... with some help from Mhari

Talmage tried it too.  Clark decided he needed to be a part of it. 

Lorna discovering a flashlight

More football

Our last sunset

The girls picking raspberries



Mommy and Lorna

Roasting hot dogs

I ran from the truck to the campsite holding Lorna.  She really liked it.

Lorna dancing in the kitchen... cuteness

Mhari's thumb injury... tripped on a rock

Sad girl

Leann and me switching the babies

More lake

Talmage carving his arrows


Talmage, Sandra, and Grant

I pulled out the cowboy hat for the last day

Sandra with her marshmallow chocolate creation

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