Friday, September 27, 2013

Crazy Hair Pirate Day!

Last week at our co-op we had a crazy hair day!  The boys had just gotten hair cuts so there wasn't much to work with.  Clark still asked so I gave him three tiny pony tails.  He was a baby triceritops :).  The girls let me give them "bunny ears" and Lorna got two front pony tails like a rhino!  They originally didn't want to participate, but if I make the hair styles sound like an animal they are more willing ;).  Plus it's more of a cute thing than crazy.  I guess they must think that crazy isn't so cute ;).  It was fun to have a theme day!

That was also the national pirate day.  Krispe Kreme will give away a box of donuts to those dressed up as pirates (a single donut for talking like a pirate) so we decided to make it our field trip activity for the week!

I got everyone together in an hours time.  I think they look pretty good for making pirates out of what we had lying around ;).  

We met up with cousins and other than some car troubles it was a great time!  We only took three boxes of donuts home with us, even though we could have had 7 dozen!  I figured we didn't really need that many donuts ;).  
Happy crazy hair, dress like a pirate day!

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