Friday, September 27, 2013

3, 2, 1 . . . Blast Off!!!

Last night we had our Pack Space Derby!  It was our boys first time to build rockets and do races.  It was a crazy, fun time.  First we did our usual pack meeting stuff - awards!  Here is Grant giving me the mother's pin for earning his Wolf (which he earned like 10 months ago, but had never been awarded.  Oh and he has earned his Bear now too, but somehow we didn't get that award either... hmmm).  It will be good to get his shirt updated ;)

Talmage earned quite a few more activity pins for Webelos.  I need to buy him his colors.  Until then he has been using his collar.  It is ridiculous how much he has on there!  By the time he moves on he will have earned all of the activity pins on his own planning... he is such a dedicated boy :)

Clark went and found this shirt in his drawer so he could wear it for scouts.  I think he wanted to match me and his brothers.  Oh, man he will be a little cub before we know it!

Silly faces!

Grant getting his rocket wound

Waiting for the rockets to be released (in the background)

His first race - 2nd place - black and orange rocket

2nd race

Talmage's first race.  


2nd place - blue and orange rocket

Close race!

Grant with his prize!  2nd place in the Bear den

Talmage with his prize!  1st place in Webelos den.  There were three boys who took the prizes for the whole pack so that helped bump up our boys in their dens.  The awards were cute :)

The boys did a great job putting their rockets together.  They even picked the paint and designed and painted them themselves.  The week before the dens helped the boys put together display stands so that really made the rockets look complete.  I think the trick to the rockets is all about how many winds do you do for your rocket before the rubber band snaps.  The boys had a really great time with all of it!

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