Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Football Game!

Jeff got some cheap tickets to a TCU game at the beginning of the football season.  We decided it would be a good activity for the boys.  Jeff, his brother Nathan, and all their boys went to the game.  The kids all got to run out across the field right before kick off too!  They each got a shirt for going on the field.  It was a pretty hot Saturday so they only lasted the first half.  Here are some pictures from the stadium.  

The view from their seats

Looking at the field

Clark in his new shirt

They took a group picture of the boys when they got back.  Their shirts are really purple and Owen scored a foam hand that someone shared.  

Hanging out with Daddy watching more sports ;)

It was hard to be out in the heat ... relaxing time!

I think the funny part is that the boys probably like being home watching sports more than being at the stadium.  I guess it's good to know.  I'm sure being a hot Saturday didn't help.  

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