Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slip N Slide

A few weeks ago our ward did an Elder's Quorum water family activity.  We were invited and the kids spent their time on the slip 'n slide!  It was fun to see them experience it and have such fun :).  

Here is Sandra

Lorna hung out at the bottom of the slide with me while I took pictures.  She liked it, but not enough to go crazy in the water.

Talmage, Sandra, and Grant



Grant going nice and fast.  He and Talmge were getting really good at going fast and making it to the end of the slip 'n slide!

Grant got bumped in his stomach one time sliding down... not sure how.  Poor guy.

Lorna having fun in the water

Mhari and Talmage

Daddy hanging with Clark.  Clark was being shy and wouldn't go down the slide.

Grant and Lorna

Lorna tried the slide a couple of times with her brothers.  She did OK, but it was a big slide... kind of scary.

She liked climbing the fence ;)

Clark found a ball and started playing a game to throw the ball to the kids sliding.  It was cute to watch.

And right before we left Clark was going down the slide!  Glad he was able to enjoy it, even if it took him a while to warm up to it.  

Oh the joy of slip 'n slides :)

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