Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thrill Seekers

OK, so the kids aren't really thrill seekers, but with the read to succeed program with the school they have earned 6 Flags tickets every summer for the past several years.  They love going and that means that I get to go too!  Here are some fun photos of the kids enjoying the fun night riding roller coasters :).

Grant, Talmage, Sandra, and Mhari. 

Mhari got to go this year because a friend wasn't using her tickets.  It was fun to have our little Punkin come and enjoy the big rides for the first time.

The sidewinder! 

The kids on the log ride... it's moving so it's blurry.

Just got off Aquaman Splashdown.  The kids loved getting wet ... so much that they were waiting on this bridge for the next splash down so they could get soaked, even more!

I waited at a safe distance...

Here comes the splash!

The bridge is completely covered!

Look at how wet they all are!

The last ride of the night.  A coaster.  The Topsy-turvy.

Girls ready to get on!

It was pretty awesome looking!

I was afraid the kids wouldn't like this one, but they all had a blast!  It is fun to get to share 6 Flags with my kids!  Oh, and great that Jeff gets to spend some quality time with the babies so we can go :)

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