Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wii Love Summer!

This summer the kids have had a blast playing our Wii.  We have had it for a couple of years now, but it seems the kids have finally really gotten good at it.  We had even bought new games for Christmas and the kids really only play two of the different games (ones we already had).  One day in July the girls wanted to try our Wii Just Dance again.  It turned into a fun family dance party!  Sandra is really good at it, but it was surprising who else started showing off their stuff!

I got a turn with Sandra.  It was fun to beat her.  She had been beating everyone she danced against so it was good for her to realize that she isn't the best dancer (for now).  

Sandra is really fun to watch.  Mhari is really getting good too, but everyone always beats her so she gets discouraged.  

So after I danced with Sandra Jeff had to take a turn.  He was hysterical to watch!  I was laughing so hard :).  Jeff was having so much fun with it, but dancing really well!  He beat Sandra too.

So cute ;) 

Here is one of the boys (Talmage I think) getting in on the fun ;)

More Hunny and Chica

Now, just because all of the photos were of the dancing doesn't mean that's all the wii games the kids played.  The game most of the kids LOVED was Mario cart!  Sandra started getting good enough to finish at the top and the boys have unlocked tons of things.  Talmage even unlocked his wii character!  That was a fun surprise.  Now when he plays he choses to be himself ;).  
We are now in the age of the video games.

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