Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dallas Zoo

At the end of February we joined our ward on a play date at the Dallas Zoo!  It was our first time going and the little kids had a great time!  Too bad those older kids had to go to school... they love zoos!

Here is Mhari on one of the elephant statues.  The kids liked climbing the statues almost as much as seeing all of the animals!

When we first got inside the zoo we found the penguins.  The kids got to watch them as they were being fed.

Mhari wanted to measure herself :)

This was Lorna's first time to a zoo... and this is how she spent it - in the stroller ;)

Mhari looking at the lion

Clark and the lion

Some of the nice ward members bought food to feed the giraffes and shared with us.  The giraffes were probably the coolest part of the zoo!  The kids even got a chance to pet them since they hung around while they were being fed :)

Mhari's favorite part of the zoo was everything inside the barn:  the owl, the rabbits, the pig, the horse.  I guess next time I should save some money and just take her to a farm :)

It was a fun trip and it wore us all out!  Yay for zoos and yay for friends to hang out with :)

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