Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break!

Spring break has come and gone... so fast again this year.  I know that I plan things and keep the week really busy so we all have a good time and by the time I look at the photos there are just a couple that I bothered to take.  I guess that figures... hard to remember to take pictures when having so much fun :)

I'll try to outline what the week held and then explain the photos.
Monday:  Play at home and errands, such fun I know :)
Tuesday:  Park play date with friends from the ward
Wednesday:  TCU baseball game and friends from AZ over for dinner
Thursday:  Play at the local school with friends from the neighborhood
Friday:  Fort Worth play date at the park :)

The pictures are from the Friday play date at the park.  

Here are most of the friends that played.  

Closer up of the girls

Bug, sadness.  It was a hard week on the baby who just wanted to nap :)

She almost looks happy in this one, but she's totally crying :(

We had a great week "off" and are sad it's over already.  It was also great to have time to play with friends from near and far!

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