Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

Happy Birthday to our awesome Talmage!  It has been 9 great years of having you as part of our family!  
Today I decided to buy a fun birthday balloon to surprise him with when I picked him up from school.  After getting all of the other kids Grant told me that Talmage was in the nurses office, he had thrown up :(.  

So instead of getting a cute balloon for a surprise Talmage got sick instead.... well, he got the balloon too!

He's feeling mostly better, but still kind of down.  
We may have to postpone some of our birthday fun for another night this week.  
That's not the kind of surprise anyone likes for their birthday :(.  Hopefully he'll be better soon!


A Tale of Three said...

Poor kid! Birthday sickness is the WORST!

Tink said...

Oh, no! Poor guy. ):