Friday, January 18, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

We exchange names within our family for Christmas and open those presents up on Christmas Eve.  Everything was kind of thrown together last minute because of all of the house drama, but the kid didn't seem to care.  Here are the pictures from the day :)

Sandra had a treat and I had to take a picture of how messy she ended up being... oh my ;)

Lorna got a slinky from Talmage

Clark got a car from Lorna

Mhari got a doll from Daddy

Sandra got bows from Mommy

Talmage and Grant got little bow and arrow sets from Sandra and Clark

Daddy got a duck from Grant

Chica modeling all of the new bows at once

Mommy got a bracelet from Mhari.
Man, I hope I got that all right :)

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