Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm so glad Daddy's home!

Jeff has had a very busy February. Now that it's March it has been so nice to have him at home more. The kids just love having him around!
Last Sunday Jeff was home for a little bit before he had to leave for a fireside and he started talking about getting a cardboard box to slide down the stairs with. I was a little confused and asked why he was giving the kids ideas. He told me they were already sliding down on their bums, they might as well have boxes to go faster.

Here they go.... Talmage


and the two girls!

The whole thing made me very nervous (seriously who wants to make a trip to the ER?). I came out to give Jeff the camera and went back to my room to listen to the fun. Jeff did set some good ground rules - you must have an adult present when sliding down the stairs. They were telling me that after he left for the fireside - too cute.

Then the next day after school Jeff decided to boil eggs. He got the eggs in the pan, put in the water, and started it on the stove. Talmage wanted to see. Jeff let him get up to the stove with his stool so he could see. By the time the eggs were cooked Jeff was joined by 4 kids in the kitchen, 3 stools, 1 Punkin on the counter (being held by daddy), and lots of hands checking the steam from the pot. What a good Daddy to turn it into a science lesson about steam as well.

I would have gone and taken a picture, but there were just too many things I couldn't handle looking at. Should I list them for you? - kids by the stove, hot boiling water, hands checking steam, daughter on the counter... you get the picture!
Anyway, I'm glad Jeff is around more again and that he's enjoying teaching and being with his kids! Especially when these are experiences I'm not prepared to teach them yet!!!

We Love our Daddy!


Katy B. said...

Daddies are the best!:) Mommies aren't too bad either, am I right? hehehehehehe

Cindy Killebrew said...

I am so glad Jeff has been home a little more. What a relief it is when daddy comes home!