Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinosaur Land

Saturday our family took an afternoon drive over to Dinosaur Land - just outside of Dinosaur Valley.  The kids got to do a dino dig where they were allowed to keep 3 fossils (sea fossils).  Then we went on a walk around the park to see all of the dino statues.  They had tons of dinos, it was really cool.  We ended inside with a dino museum with real fossils.  The kids had a blast and it was great to spend the afternoon on a family outing!

I have included a slideshow at the end with more photos, but I figured I would also include some pictures to high light the day :)

Sandra digging for fossils.

Grant in the play area riding the dino!

Clark really wanted to get on the big swing!  He was so cute :)

While we were out walking around Grant would see a dino and say what it was before we even got to the name plate.  I was surprised how many times he was right!  I guess his dino obsession is paying off :)
One of the dino statues.

Inside the museum - a velociraptor egg

A mold of a T-rex skeleton

At the end of the day the kids got to pick something as a souvenier... well, really the selection was limited because I'm not paying $3 for a tiny toy.  Anyway, they all ended up with dinosaurs and Clark got some balls... he was a good sport hanging out in the stroller we figured we'd let him enjoy a toy at the end of it.  And, yes, he loved them ;).
I've also included some photos of Grant's collection of paper dinosaurs.  He has been tracing, cutting out, and coloring them for quite some time.  It's great when he gets them all out... they fill the whole kitchen table, and that's saying something - that's one huge table!
It was a fun dino day!


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