Monday, August 29, 2011

Water fun!

Baby is still in love with water :).  I love this about him... he's so cute when he finds water!  We washed our cars the other day and this was Baby's first time with us outside while we washed cars.  He found the soap bucket really fast and splashed and splashed... so I ran in to get the camera!

Here he is with some residue bubbles on his face and hands :)

going back for more!

While we were working the boys found a grasshopper.  I guess catching grasshoppers is funner than washing cars.

Here is Talmage holding it.

Then Grant got a turn.

It really matches our dead grass too ;)

Baby found where the water collected on the running boards and was splashing in it.  

He was very involved.  You would think the water spraying like that would scare him...

Nope, he loved it!

The girls did help, but somehow all of the pictures ended up being of Baby... not sure how that seems to happen ;).  It's nice to have clean cars and get to teach Clark more about water, oh and how to not run into the street.  Fun stuff!

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