Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bryce Canyon

We had a nice time exploring Bryce Canyon.  I've always thought the canyon was beautiful.  I love the color and the cool shapes.  It seems unreal the way the rocks are formed.  

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy... maybe even help you feel like you had the chance to visit Bryce too :)

The kids had a great time, but we had to be careful they didn't get too close!

One of my favorites!



We did try to hike down into the canyon a little.  Let's just say that going down with a stroller wasn't a good idea and I got many a crazy look, as well as comments, from people.  

Oh, and needless to say, I didn't make it down very far.

We ran into my Brother and his family just finishing the 1.3 mile hike.

They look like they just went on a stroll!  I guess the backpack was a good idea if you wanted to take little ones down that trail!

After our little hike we decided to do the rim trail.  This was a nice paved trail along the rim of the canyon, not down it.  We made it a lot farther and went to a cool look out point.  That's where a lot of the scenic pictures came from.  The kids did well on the hike and we had a nice time exploring Bryce Canyon together!

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westen and ladawn said...

Sharla these pictures are so fun. It was so great seeing you guys! You have such a beautiful family. Just pretend that my eyes are open in that picture.:) You are motivating me to get some pictures up. xoxox