Thursday, August 18, 2011

All the Family!

 OK, so this is getting long, but I want to be sure to share the pictures of the family from the reunion.  We had a group picture taken and then broke down into smaller family groups.  This group picture is of My mom, her kids and spouses and their kids.  Let's just say that families can sure multiply quickly!

At the old town area there were some fun photo ops... like locking the kids in the local jail :).
 Vance's fiance' Jessica with Sandra :)   

Grant as a cowboy

Mhari and Sandra posing in the western girl frame :)

Grant and Talmage :)

Grant and Mhari on the wooden horse and Sandra on a huge piece of petrified wood.

Grant almost standing on the huge petrified wood.

That evening at dinner... all of the family eating :)

cousins bonding :)

My mom with her brother and sister sharing memories of their parents... the ones who started this huge pile of people :).

Deer on the way into the canyon.

 Our family tree.

Aunt Shay with Baby and Grant with his favorite cousin :)

Mhari was having a hard day... Uncle Paul helped out and cuddled with her :)

He even got her to take a nap :)

Uncle Westen and his little girl.

Paul and me.

Heather and baby.

Heather keeping baby happy with the cell phone ;). 

Talmage with one of his favorite cousins.

The kids, especially Talmage and Grant, had a great time playing soccer with everyone.  We have enough people to get a good game going on too!  

It was hard to pull the kids away when it was time to go... but we had a long drive ahead of us to get back to TX.  It was great to see everyone and build cousin friendships for the kids!  Sorry if this was long, but there are even more pictures that weren't posted ;).

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