Friday, August 12, 2011

Reunion Time

We arrived at Bryce Canyon safe and sound Thursday afternoon.  We checked into the hotel, saw some family, and got ready for the evening festivities.  We met in the camping area, roasted hot dogs and ate smores.  It was a fun night and the kids enjoyed getting to know their cousins :).

Sandra and her cousin, "Princess."

Mhari and her cousin "Buddy"

Uncle Vance playing with the girls :)

Weight lifting the girls.

The girls making their own campfire... out of rocks and dirt.  They sure were dirty by the end of the night :).

Grant enjoying an apricot.

Mhari with a cookie smore.


Clark and I hanging with some of the girl cousins.

My kids bonding with cousins.

Uncle Paul helping roast hot dogs

Hanging with my cute niece :).

Aunt Amanda and her baby :)
Our first night was over and everyone had a great time being outside and eating.  More fun tomorrow :)

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